Star Trek: The Lost Voyage of the Enterprise

Jol A. Silversmith (November 1994)


On November 17, 1994, I witnessed a little-known event in Star Trek history: the premiere of the one-and-only (so far) Star Trek play at the Churchill Theatre in South Bromley, Kent. The try-out run ran through November 26, 1994. Regrettably, the production didn't subsequently make it to the West End, and it now is difficult to find information about the production. Occasionally, you may see a program from the production up for auction on eBay.

The premiere was still a bit rough around the edges, but that was to be expected; the cast and crew clearly had put a lot of effort into the production, and it was far more enjoyable the "Star Trek Generations" movie, which premiered almost simultaneously.

The basic plot: Klingon Commander Kazh-aar and a mysterious alien named Arethusa attack the Enterprise with a superweapon called the "vortex," which allows them to project Kirk, et al. into both alternate realities and into the past, with no memory of their previous lives (thus creating opportunities for both drama and humor).

Cast and crew information for the production, taken from the program, follows.

Cast In Order of Appearance

Commander Kazh-aar: Peter Serafinowicz
Sardok - The Romulan: Michael Michael
Arethusa: Race Davies
Captain Harry Lysander: Michael-John Paliotti
Ensign Armstrong: Richard Knight
Mr. Sulu: Benedict Wong
Lieutenant Uhura: Joanne Campbell
Mr. Chekhov: Tristan Middleton
Mr. Scott: Andy Nimmo
Doctor McCoy: Darrell Bate
Captain Kirk: Bradley LaVelle
Mr. Spock: Adrian Neil
Crew Member: Richard Knight
Computer: Meredith Fliegmann and Liz Burton
Additional Parts: Keith Ducklin, Alistair McDowell, and Elaine McKenzie


Director and Producer: John Gore
Writers: Sam Mitchell and John Gore
Designer: Phil Ghirardani at Imagination
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Howard for David Hershey Associates
Sound Design: Farrahs
Creative Consultant: Meredith Fliegmann
Assistant Producer: C. Horsfall
Special Effects Consultant: Derek Meddings
Choreographer: Joanne Campbell
Action Arranger: Keith Ducklin
Star Trek Consultant: Toby Chamberlain
Make Up and Hair: Suzy Bailey
Starfleet Costumes: Janet Lawn
Starship Model-Making: Hothouse Models and Effects
Composer/Music Arranger: Alistair Lock
Uhura's Theme: Darren Nicholls and Rupert Wilbraham
Production Associates: Laurence Blackmore and Rupert Wilbraham
Poster Design: Tangerine
Company Stage Manager: Claire Sibley
Deputy Stage Manager: Liz Burton
Assistant Stage Manager: Elaine MacKenzie and Julie Harrison

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